Kjell Sture DSing at the 'Big Slope' in Gravdal.
The slope is around 500' high by 2600' long.

LTNO film crew, L to R: Espen, Darcy, Bob and Dave

Hiking in to the 'Big Slope' in Gravdal.

Espen flying his Aris at the 1000' high North Slope in Vaerøy.

Radio Waves

Radio Waves is now available as a VOD from The Surf Network.
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$19.95 $9.95 / All Regions
Dolby Digital / 31 min.

Radio Waves, starring Spencer Johnson, is a entertaining documentary about the unbelievable sport of RC (radio-controlled) MicroSurfing. You'll watch in disbelief as you see this one foot tall life-like surfer figure pull off some amazing tricks like 360's, floaters, barrel rides and some mind blowing airs! This movie is guaranteed to entertain everyone! Spencer not only demonstrates his expert abilities at shredding waves he also shares some key tips on how to get the original Kyosho RC Surfer to seal better, turn better and go faster.

This DVD contains eleven chapters that are divided between modification tips and music videos. You have the option of watching the entire movie, choosing an individual chapter or you can select the "play music videos" button and watch all the RC surfing clips edited back to back to a killer sound track.

If you happen to already own one of the original kits, Spencer's modification tips will help you take it to the next level. Make sure to click the "Wombarra" button on the main menu to find out where you can pick up an original RC Surfer kit or the new improved Tubey design.

Lift Ticket the Director's Cut

PSS Spring Fest

Opening Sequence

$29.95 / All Regions
Dolby Digital / 117 min.

From the opening sequence of Scott Hewett flying his smoking F-20 in front of the Golden Gate Bridge to the final scene of Kyle Paulson dynamic soaring his 100” Exxtreme to over 300 mph, you are saturated for almost two full hours with some of the best slope and dynamic soaring footage ever presented in a movie about RC Soaring.

Join Dave as he travels to 22 different slopes in California, Oregon, Washington & Utah, some of which had never been flown before. Along the way you get to visit some of the most popular soaring events held in the U.S.A. including, Los Banos Scale, PSS Spring Fest and Soar Utah.

Also included is an interview with Dynamic Soaring pioneer Joe Wurts, as he shares his first encounter with DS. The last 40 minutes of the movie is all about chasing the DS speed record. These Chapters document in chronological order many of the unofficial world record DS flights and attempts that occurred between May of 2000 and October 2005. This also includes Craig Toutolmin breaking the 200mph barrier and Kyle Paulson breaking the 300mph barrier. Lift Ticket is an incredible barrage of audio-visual stimulus that is guaranteed to inspire you to get out and fly. For a full list of scenes and slopes that were flown click here.

Got Foam?

Joe Wurts, DS Interview

9000' Francis Peak, Utah

Chandler Butte, Washington

$29.95 / NTSC / All Regions
Dolby Digital / 110 min.
Lift Ticket to Norway

Join Dave Reese, Bob & Darcy Bingham and Espen Torp on their epic 3 week R/C road trip from the South of Norway, near the city of Stavanger, to the unspoiled and magical islands of the Lofoten Archipelago in the North. Norway's native son and expert R/C pilot, Espen Torp, leads the expedition as they explore Norway's majestic scenery and some of it's most stunning slopes.

Their journey is as much about the scenic beauty that Norway has to offer as it is about flying R/C Gliders at some truly spectacular and unique locations. This was a slope soaring expedition and adventure of a lifetime. Lift Ticket to Norway. View the trailer here.

Read the reviews: JARTWORLD, Planet Soaring, RCM&E,
Radio-Controlled Soaring Digest, Lift Zone, RC Groups.

* Please note that the "F" bomb is dropped in chapter 6, timecode 40:55 and chapter 9, timecode 57:55.

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